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Some scenes from Brimstone still stand before my eyes, and Guy Pearce in the guise of a sadistic shepherd dreams in nightmares. It was nice to see the already matured Dakota Fanning, in such a very bold way. The camera work and the non-standard plot, which moves in an unusual sequence, deserve special respect. This tape can please and repulse with overly violent scenes.



One of my favorite films with the charming Halle Berry. Moreover, when I hear the name of this actress, I immediately remember the shots from the film Gothika. I liked this film not only that the outstanding actors of Hollywood are filmed in this tape, but above all with an exciting and attractive storyline that keeps you in suspense from the beginning to the end credits.

Nocturnal Animals

Agree that Amy Adams in this film looks just gorgeous. Another famously twisted thriller, which the further you look, the less you understand. But practically from the first frames, we observe very difficult scenes that are psychologically oppressive and hard to perceive. Especially if you believe in goodness all over the world and in pink ponies, then this ribbon will open your eyes that cruel people still meet in our world.

Stonehearst Asylum

The film is based on one of the numerous stories of the American writer Edgar Allan Poe, who was famous for his dashing plot twist. In this film, viewers, along with Oxford graduate Edward Newgate, are sent to a psychiatric hospital, the head physician of which practices a very unconventional method of treatment that allows patients to behave freely and do whatever they want.

Real Story - Omar Sy