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Fact 1. Nicole Mary Kidman is the full name of the actress. She was born in 1967 on June 20.

Fact 2. Nicole was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Fact 3. At the age of 4, little Nicole began to study ballet. And then vocal art and theatre history, when she entered the Australian Theatre for Young People, and then the Phillip Street Theatre.

Fact 4. In parallel, the girl received her secondary education at a girls’ school in Sydney. But when her mom got breast cancer, Nicole dropped out.

Fact 5. Nicole has a younger sister (born 1970). Antonia Kidman – journalist and TV presenter.

Fact 6. Kidman’s father and mother were born in Australia. And Scottish and Irish blood flows in their veins.

Fact 7. Nicole Kidman not only starred in films but once voiced one of the roles in the cartoon musical Happy Feet.

Fact 8. In the popular movie Moulin Rouge! she performed her parts on her own.

Fact 9. Nicole collaborated with the Chanel fashion house, was the face of the Chanel No. 5, and received the highest honorarium in the history of advertising. That’s $ 3.71 million for a 4-minute video. It is not difficult to calculate how much 1 minute of advertising for expensive perfume costs. In general, the ad was estimated at $ 11 million.

Fact 10. Also, the actress took part in advertising for expensive Swiss watches Omega.

Fact 11. In the tabloids, there were rumors about Nicole’s romance with actor Jude Law but the man was married at that time. Then Nicole sued the magazine and gave the money she won to an orphanage. Well, good punishment.

Fact 12. The actress has dual citizenship – the United States and Australia.

Fact 13. The actress takes part in campaigns to combat breast cancer and helps street children. She even received the title of “Citizen of the World” by the United Nations.

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