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Johnny Depp

In a solo film about Captain Jack Sparrow, his long past was shown. Namely, how he became the captain. Some might think that the Teenage Sparrow was played by another actor… and it is.

The young Sparrow was played by a little-known actor Anthony De La Torre, who was made up like Depp, and then also significantly corrected his face on the computer so that the audience surely had no doubts.

Kurt Russell

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, it looked like Russell did manage to escape New York and Los Angeles, and then humanly wash and put a lot of foundation on his face for all the money. Not the worst Disney experiment, but the original Kurt Russell is still a long way off.

Robert Downey Jr.

In the sequel about Captain America, there is a flashback with a young Tony Stark. For the rejuvenation of Robert Downey Jr. were used dozens of photographs and films of the actor himself. Then a computer mask was created, where he is twenty years younger.

But viewers and critics reasonably noticed that the picture looks believable while young Downey is silent. As soon as he speaks or shows other facial movements, it starts to look terrible.

Dwayne Johnson

The comedy Central Intelligence features a flashback featuring Johnson’s character. There, the muscular giant is shown as a cheerful fat man.

For greater reliability, they did not resort to a stunt double or makeup. It was decided to spend a tidy sum on computer processing. As a result, Johnson’s head was inflated, smoothed, and shoved onto the shoulders of another actor.

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