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Leonardo DiCaprio

The once fragile boy with an angelic face gradually turned into a handsome man, and millions of fans sighed for him. The most beautiful girls in the world were next to the actor: he chose supermodels as his companions.

But even they failed to put a ring on the celebrity. DiCaprio is still considered Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. Only now it is already difficult to call him a sexy macho. Leo has grown obscenely fat, and the signs of age on his face are becoming more and more distinct.

Johnny Depp

Remember that handsome man from “Pirates of the Caribbean” who, with one dexterous movement, climbed onto the ship’s match and drove the beauties crazy in all ports along the way? Now the features of that handsome man in Depp are hard to trace.

Many decided that this was how the 54-year-old actor was affected by the stress of the numerous courts following his divorce from Amber Heard. However, do not forget about the actor’s bad habits. His now-famous phrase “To tell that I spent 30 thousand dollars a month on wine is insulting, I spent much more” speaks for itself.

Russell Crowe

Once upon a time, the image of the brutal gladiator Russell Crowe won millions of women’s hearts. Almost everyone dreamed of a tall guy with an excellent physique and an expressive look. Years passed, and time left its mark even on one of the main handsome men in Hollywood. The actor has noticeably recovered, aged, and lost his former masculinity. But it seems that this still does not prevent him from being happy.


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