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The actor still believes that only one of his many women touched him, leaving an unhealed wound on his heart. And we are not talking about his former stellar wives – Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

Gwyneth Paltrow remains that young girl from the past who captivated him with her charm and kindness. They met on the set of Seven, directed by David Fincher.

Lovelace Brad is seriously carried away by the girl. The romance between them was rapidly gaining momentum. A year later, Gwyneth and Brad got engaged. Pitt sincerely believed that this event is the most important in his life. And now you only need to take one step to go down the aisle with your girlfriend.

Gwyneth’s father, Hollywood producer Bruce Paltrow, treated the young actor favorably. Mother Gwyneth, the famous Hollywood actress Blythe Danner, was of a different opinion. Frankly, she disliked Brad Pitt. This cute boy, in her opinion, was alien to the environment in which her daughter was brought up. The aristocratic background of the Paltrow family did not allow Gwyneth, the goddaughter of Steven Spielberg himself, to connect her fate with a man from the working-class suburbs.

Gradually, imperceptibly, Blythe Danner sowed doubts in her daughter’s soul as to whether the future marriage would be happy and whether it was worth continuing the relationship with Pitt. As a result, in 1997, the love affair between Gwyneth and Brad faded away.

Gwyneth tried to justify herself by saying that she was too good for him and, in principle, was not yet ready to start a family. Like, a creative career is now the main thing for her. Many years later, Gwyneth admitted that she had hurt her only beloved man. However, you cannot bring back the past and correct mistakes you have made.

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