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Five years after Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland ranch was put up for sale for $ 100 million, it was bought by businessman Ron Burkle for just $ 22 million. And given the fact that the estate has been empty since 2009, it is interesting to see what has become of it over the years.

The huge ranch became an interesting object after the release of the documentary Leaving Neverland, which alleged that Michael Jackson sexually abused two boys long before his death. Of course, the singer’s family defended his honour as best they could, but only many people do not need any excuses.

In May 2015, Neverland Ranch was renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch and put up for sale. Due to lack of interest, the asking price of $ 100 million fell to $ 67 million in early 2018, and the release of the scandalous film completely brought down demand. In December 2020, it was bought by billionaire businessman Ron Burle for $ 22 million.

From the Ferris wheel, carousels, pirate ship, roller coaster, and entertainment arcade, almost nothing remains. The estate is dilapidated, the site is overgrown with grass.

From the estate, you can make something like a house-museum dedicated to the king of pop. This has already been done with the Graceland estate, which used to belong to Elvis Presley. But it will take too long. Perhaps the idea of opening such a museum was not received with enthusiasm due to new accusations against the singer of child molestation.

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